He liked living so close to him. He liked looking out of the window to find him roaming around in his pyjamas. He liked the thought of having a friend nearby to go to when he feels lonely. He liked the little strolls they took everyday. He liked a neighbour – friend with a big heart. He liked the pizzas they shared. He liked keeping half of his chocolate bar for the special friend he had. He liked the sleepovers they had together. And when they grew, he liked sharing his feeling about the new girl in the block with his friend. He liked how his friend treated all his project work as his own. He liked the proud smile on his friends face when he topped his exams. He realised that all the happy moments in life are incomplete if he doesn’t have his friend around to share them. He realised they are living two separate lives, but their connection is so strong that life is incomplete with the other one around.


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